Eseka train disaster: Biya comes under attack for not appointing a broader commission 0

Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh has called on the CPDM government dominated commission to publish its findings on the October 21, 2016 Eséka tragedy immediately. The man widely believed to be the only credible challenger to the 83 year old Cameroonian dictator, made the appeal at the Yaoundé Central Hospital on October 28, 2016 as he donated blood to those badly wounded in the train crash.

The winner of The Guardian Post Awards 2015 told news reporters that he considered his gesture a patriotic act: “I came to donate blood, which is an act of citizenship in the sense of our solidarity towards our compatriots who are now survivors,” said Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh.

Dr Fomunyoh added that the Cameroonian people were waiting for the truth about the accident. He criticized President Biya for not appointing a broader commission with independent personalities and religious authorities.

By Ebong Kingsley