Eseka train disaster: Camrail says 45 families already paid money for burial rites 0

More than two weeks after the railway accident in Eséka that reportedly killed 79 and wounded over 600, only 45 families have so far received the 1.5 million FCFA promised by the Cameroon Railway Company, CAMRAIL for funeral arrangements. Cameroon Concord News understands, CAMRAIL has been incessantly flashing out signals for families of the victims to contact its representatives in hospitals in Eseka, Douala and Yaounde for payments to be made.

Regarding compensation for damages, which remain the priority and the most important issue, CAMRAIL recently issued a statement that its insurers will foot the bills for personalized treatment and pay damages directly to the wounded and their families. Some 20 experts are engaged on the ground in coordination with health institutions to attend to each passenger affected by the accident.

The railway company has also set up a refunds department for property lost by various passengers in the accident. CAMRAIL says all compensation will be paid in the fastest possible means to all the victims.

By Rita Akana