Ex-cashier of Credit Foncier Buea accused of manipulating client accounts 0

Credit Foncier du Cameroun (CFC) has sued a former employee for alleged misappropriation of the sum of 157 million FCFA. The money in dispute was reportedly siphoned from the Buea branch in the South West region by Rose Ngala Mokate, who until March 2015 held the position of cashier.

Lawyers representing the bank revealed that two years ago, Rose Ngala Mokate requested for permission from her hierarchy to stay away for a week in order to attend the funeral of her late sister. During her absence, an interim cashier discovered that money paid in by certain customers shown on the booklets, did not correspond with the figures which recorded by the computers.

An in-house investigation was ordered and it found out that there was a cash deficit that amounted to the sum of 17 million FCFA. Madam Rose Ngala Mokate was told to provide an explanation upon her return from leave. She did acknowledge the alleged offense and Credit Foncier sources say her paid the back the disputed sum. Unfortunately, a second audit team that re-examined the files from the 3rd to 10th of  March 2015, announced to the management that more than 157 million FCFA had disappeared during Rose Ngala’s time as cashier.  She was dismissed and legal proceedings opened against her.

State prosecutors at the Special Criminal Court in Yaounde are now of the opinion that the accused could not have succeeded in mounting such a scheme without having a few complicities. Four former colleagues of Rose Ngala Mokate have already been questioned at the Special Criminal Court. The next hearing is scheduled for the 7th of April 2017. However, since her dismissal from the bank, nothing has been heard about Rose Ngala Mokate.

By Sonne Peter with cables from CIN