Exit of a Cameroonian icon:  ALPHONSE BÉNI dies aged 77 0

The world of African cinema is in mourning with the disappearance of Alphonse Béni.

The Cameroonian director and actor died at the age of 77 following illness on Sunday. Born in 1946 in Nkongsamba, he left behind a cinematographic heritage marked by diversity and quality.

Alphonse Béni began his career in the 1970s as an actor. He notably played in French erotic comedies under the name of Alfons Beny and Chris Kelly. But it was as a director that he became known in Cameroon. He shot several auteur films, notably “The Choice of Akissi” in 1975 and “The Two Faces of Life” in 1981.

Alphonse Béni’s works were often marked by a reflection on the human condition and social injustices. He has also explored themes such as love, family, and cultural identity in his films. His work has been praised by many film fans and critics for its quality and originality.

Beyond his work as a director, Alphonse Béni was also a passionate teacher. He has taught cinema at several schools and universities in Africa, helping to train the next generation of African filmmakers.

The death of Alphonse Béni is a huge loss for the African film industry. His cinematographic achievements have influenced and inspired many African filmmakers. It has also paved the way for greater diversity of representation in cinema, thus contributing to the cultural enrichment of the continent.

The world of African cinema and cinema in general is losing a great artist and an important voice. Alphonse Béni will forever be remembered as a talented and committed filmmaker who left an indelible mark on the African film industry.

The disappearance of Alphonse Béni is a great loss for African cinema. He contributed to the creation of a unique cinematographic heritage and inspired many African filmmakers. His contribution to the film industry will never be forgotten, and his work will continue to inspire generations to come.

Source: archyde