Exposed: How Minister Laurent Esso is francophonizing the Anglophone legal system 3

This is how Minister Laurent Esso has been slowly but surely eliminating the Anglophone legal system and our Common law values and he was quick to say we have to stay in a “united” Cameroon where he Esso can jail a former Anglophone Prime Minister and Head of Government and nothing happens.

Francophone dominance in the legal department in the South West region

Of the 148 Magistrates in the South West- 58 are francophone

Of the 89 Magistrates in the legal bench in the Southwest region, 54 of them are francophone

Of the 50 Magistrates serving in Buea (Bench & Legal Department) – 20 are francophone

28 Magistrates in the legal division and 20 of them are francophone.

30 new bailiffs were appointed in January 2014 and 28 of them are francophone.


Francophone domination in the legal department in the North West region

There are 128 Magistrates in the Northwest and 67 are francophone with no mastery of the English language.

There 97 Magistrates of the Legal Bench and 64 of them are francophone

There are 45 Magistrates serving in Bamenda metropolis and 22 of them are francophone

27 Magistrates in the divisions  and 21 of them are francophone.

21 new bailiffs were appointed in January 2014 and all of them were francophone.


Comparing the appointments of Magistrates in a bilingual Cameroon:

There are 119 Magistrates in the Courts in Douala metropolis and only 2 of them are Anglophones

There are 107 Magistrates in the Courts in Yaoundé and only 2 of them are Anglophones

49% of Magistrates in Bamenda and 40 % of Magistrates in Buea the Anglophone regional headquarters are Francophone.

Why are more Francophones sent to our key jurisdictions and only an insignificant number of Anglophones sent to the francophone key jurisdictions?


If at all there is blending of both systems:

Why are our Anglophone Magistrates only good for Tcholire, Ambam, Poli, Ntui, Kousseri, Yokadouma, Batouri,Tignere and not considered good for Yaoundé and Douala?

Why is it that almost all the newly appointed bailiffs in Anglophone Cameroon are civil Law trained jurists?

Do you think the envisaged appointment of Notaires will depart from this train if any ?

Why is the Language of the military only French in a Bilingual Country?

Why is French the Language of the Military Courts in a Bilingual Country?