Exposing Biya’s war crimes: The case of 14-year-old Aline 0

14-year-old Aline was shot in the right eye by French Cameroun troops deployed to Southern Cameroons by the 85 year old dictator, President Biya during peaceful independence day celebrations that were held on October 1 2017 through out Africa’s newest nation, the Republic of Southern Cameroons.

She was shot in the Kumbo County and she is currently at intensive care in the Bingo Hospital in Bamenda. She is one of the thousands of British Southern Cameroonians seriously wounded by bullets fired from helicopters.  Her relatives say they thought she was dead, but miraculously she is alive.

Transported to the Bingo hospital in the Bamenda State, Aline has received several surgeries that allowed her to stay alive. Her parents are now calling for help to foot her medical bills. Any Good Samaritan who wishes to help the innocent Southern Cameroonian can kindly contact her parents via telephone telephone: +237 675 15 79 39.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai, CIR