Fako Heart Centre Issues Heart Disease and Stroke Warning 0

Dr Fred Perry KEMAH, Consultant Cardiologist at Fako Heart Centre, GRA, BUEA is inviting the wider public to take oral hygiene very SERIOUSLY.

The top Dr of Fako Heart Centre has diagnosed six patients with INFECTIVE ENDOCARDITIS since the launching of Fako HEART CENTRE in June this year. That equates to almost one patient a week.

ENDOCARDITIS is infection of Heart Valves. A life threatening condition. Poor oral hygiene is to blame. The Public should stop using CHEWING STICKS as a method of cleaning the teeth. We should use fluoride tooth paste and tooth brush only.

Endocarditis is a serious condition and could lead to STROKE as well as premature death if left untreated.

Therefore, individuals presenting with persistent fever, easy fatigue , and abnormal heart sounds, should seek advice. Fako Heart Centre has a dedicated team to provide advice and support.


Fako Heart Centre