Far North governor meets victims of Waza attack 0

The Governor of the Far North Region has visited the victims of the recent suicide attack in Waza in the Logone et Shari Division. Governor Mijiyawa Bakari was at the Maroua Regional Hospital with an encouragement package from President Biya to the victims who are receiving treatment after a suicide bomber ignited her explosive belt at a makeshift restaurant in the town of Waza.

Financial support provided by the 84 year old dictator to the victims was handed over to each of them with words of consolation from the Presidency. 15 people have died from the incident while close to 40 others were injured in the attack. The Governor revealed that the suicide bomber was a young lady who pretended to be a client at the restaurant.

Defense and security forces neutralized one of the suicide bombers before she ignited her explosive while a third is said to be a large. Governor Bakari reassured the population that the security situation in the region is under government control. He however called on the population to remain vigilant as the terrorists have changed their tactics and mode of operation.

He said that in previous attacks, suicide bombers came by day and in small numbers of one a two bomb carriers but in the latest case, about four or more made the trip with the aim of causing pain and sorrow. The Governor also congratulated members of vigilante groups and the defense and security forces for their bravery and urged them to adapt their strategies to the new menaces posed by the Boko haram terrorist group.

Shortly after the incident, the Minister of Communication made public a press release to shed light on the incident. He indicated that a second female suicide bomber who was heading to the camp of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR in Waza, was shot by soldiers and the local bomb squad immediately deactivated her explosive to avoid further casualties. The release added that fourteen people, including two suicide bombers, lost their lives and thirty-five people were injured in the double bombings.

Soldiers from the BIR patrol unit immediately secured the sites of the explosion, rescued the wounded and evacuated them to appropriate health facilities. The Minister of Communication hinted that President Biya has prescribed emergency measures to the competent authorities to ensure that the injured were properly taken care of.

Source: CRTV