FECAFOOT: A football season costing 4.3 million euros 0

Cameroon’s professional Football leagues alone have cost the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot), headed by Samuel Eto’o, more than 3 million euros (2 billion CFA francs).

The 2022-2023 football season cost the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot) more than 4.3 million euros (nearly 2.9 billion CFA francs). The body headed by Samuel Eto’o has invested heavily in the organisation of the country’s two professional leagues. According to figures obtained from Fecafoot, the total budget is in excess of 3 million euros (2 billion CFA francs).

73,000 euros per D1 club

A considerable proportion of these funds was paid to first division clubs. Fecafoot’s financial support has more than doubled. “This year, we have granted support of 48 million CFA francs (more than 73,000 euros, editor’s note) to each of the clubs in the elite championship (the first division). Professional footballers now receive a salary of 200,000 CFA francs (305 euros) per month”, Samuel Eto’o told the last session of the Fecafoot General Assembly on 27 May 2023.

According to the former footballer, this injection of funds has enabled clubs to strengthen their squads, creating a more competitive and exciting competition for fans. Our national competitions are regaining their former fervour,” says Samuel Eto’o. We’re also seeing that the level of our league is getting higher and higher. The performances of our international players in the national league are a clear indication of that.

Youth football, the poor relation

It is not only professional football that has benefited from Fecafoot’s financial support. Women’s football has also received support. It received an allocation of 250,000 euros (more than 163.5 million CFA francs). Amateur football also received 790,000 euros (over 517 million CFA francs). These funds were divided between the regional leagues (549,000 euros, or 359.5 million CFA francs). The departmental leagues also received 241,000 euros (nearly 157.7 million CFA francs).

Youth football development was funded to the tune of 183,000 euros (nearly 120 million CFA francs). This is the smallest financial allocation granted by Fecafoot.

Source: Sports News Africa