FECAFOOT Crisis: Eto’o’s lawyer attacks CAF 0

At a time when CAF has opened an investigation into allegations of improper conduct in the management of Samuel Eto’o within the presidency of the Cameroon Football Federation, the Indomitable Lions legend’s lawyer denounces the soccer governing body’s communication, which he deems “pernicious and toxic”.

Soccer in Cameroon is in a tense state, with a tense confrontation between a number of players and the President of the Cameroon Football Federation. Indeed, this war has reached the CAF board. On Wednesday August 9, African soccer’s governing body announced the opening of an investigation into Samuel Eto’o over “allegations of inappropriate conduct”. Complaints from several Cameroonian soccer stakeholders have landed on CAF’s table, prompting the body to open the investigation. “Although the allegations are prima facie serious, Mr Samuel Eto’o is presumed innocent until an appropriate judicial body concludes otherwise”, CAF was quick to inform.

Samuel Eto’o replies

Samuel Eto’o was quick to respond. In a statement published on Thursday August 10, the Indomitable Lions legend’s lawyer condemned CAF’s stance. “This hasty position on the part of CAF is all the more surprising in that it already refers to allegations which appear serious at first sight, even though to date Mr Eto’o Fils has not been notified of any of the accusations allegedly made against him,” the statement read. The FECAFOOT president’s lawyer also denounced “pernicious and toxic communication”.

In the press release, Samuel Eto’o reassured Cameroon’s soccer stakeholders that the implementation of his reform program, which began on December 11, 2021, would be respected. He added that these accusations were made by Cameroonian soccer players whose personal interests are threatened:”At a time when the hard work he is carrying out with his executive committee is beginning to bear fruit, as demonstrated by the recent triumph of the U20 national team at the Francophonie games, he invites the Cameroon soccer family to show resilience in the face of repeated and unjustified attacks by the enemies of soccer, who intend to hold our king sport hostage in order to continue serving their personal and selfish interests”.

Source: Sports News Africa