FECAFOOT Poverty Culture: 25 clubs go to war against Eto’o, threatens to boycott 2023-2024 season 0

A storm is currently shaking the foundations of Cameroon Football Federation. With the ship taking on water everywhere, almost 25 of the 35 professional clubs are threatening to boycott the next season unless major changes are made within the Cameroon Football Federation (Fécafoot).

The source of this controversy lies in the presidency of Fécafoot, a position that is called into question on a daily basis and is proving to be a major point of contention. For these clubs, Samuel Eto’o is definitely no longer the right man for the job. The concerns raised by the former Indomitable Lion’s opponents are amplified by tumultuous events. Notably: “match-fixing, the suspension of some twenty referees for manipulating match results, and the lack of transparency regarding the exact amount of sponsorship money”, they list.

Moreover, the situation has become even more complex with the recent ruling of the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), which annulled all resolutions passed by the Fécafoot General Assembly on August 27, 2022. This reinstates Guibaï Gatama on the body’s Executive Committee, as well as François Kouedem as head of the Western Regional League. It also cancels the dissolution of the Professional Football League of Cameroon (LFPC), among others.

Clubs want Eto’o’s head

Faced with this situation, the 25 aforementioned clubs, meeting in Douala, formulated a series of conditions, the most important of which are three in number. Firstly, they are calling for an extraordinary session of the Fécafoot General Assembly to officially declare the vacancy in the presidency of the Federation. For them, this is a crucial step in bringing about significant change.

Secondly, they have made a firm resolution to take part in the professional championships of the 2023/2024 season only if leadership and administration are entrusted to the LFPC, considered a guarantor of fairness and sporting integrity. Thirdly, they call for the urgent convening of a General Assembly of the LFPC to prepare for the launch of the professional leagues for the coming season.

An empty gesture (?)

In Samuel Eto’o’s entourage, the position of these clubs does not move many.”It’s the umpteenth blackmail by club presidents. Their only problem is that they can no longer line their pockets with the Federation’s subsidies, as Mr Eto’o ensures that they are used for the benefit of the players”, argues a pro-Eto’o.

Before the 25 professional clubs, the Association des Clubs de Football Amateurs du Cameroun (Acfac) met on July 21 to demand the resignation of Samuel Eto’o and his entire Fécafoot Executive Committee. In the meantime, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has opened an investigation against the head of Cameroonian soccer.

Source: Sportsnewsafrica