FECAFOOT: Samuel Eto’o falling into spectacular new humiliations 0

Cameroonian football icon, Samuel Eto’o, is going through tough times. His tenure at FECAFOOT since 2021, aimed at reviving and enhancing the image of football in his country, has been marred by one setback after another. The latest blow has hit hard.

As often said, being a great footballer doesn’t automatically translate into being a competent leader. While this hypothesis is frequently confirmed among football coaches, it’s also proving to be the case with Samuel Eto’o in Cameroon. A true African living legend, now 42 years old, Eto’o has represented Cameroon globally with honor. With remarkable achievements in his football career, notably with FC Barcelona in Spain, Inter Milan in Italy, and Chelsea in England, the former striker is struggling in his role as a leader at the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT).

Cameroon: One humiliation too many for Samuel Eto'o at FECAFOOT

Elected amidst wild scenarios in December 2021, Samuel Eto’o was heralded as the “Messi” who would uplift Cameroonian football from the doldrums. With an enticing project and wonderful ideas, the Yaoundé-born native seemed destined for success. However, after some initial promising moments, things began to crumble at FECAFOOT with internal defections or dismissals causing friction. Known for his strong personality, Eto’o doesn’t shy away from making bold decisions, regardless of others’ opinions.

With his tough approach and clashes with local football figures and even former “rebel” Lion Indomptables executives, Eto’o has accumulated many enemies over his two years in management. Today, whether it’s Geremi Njitap calling out FIFA or CAF to intervene or Joseph Antoine Bell, among others, criticizing the state of affairs, discontent is rife. Speaking of the national team, it’s another sore point that adds to Eto’o’s woes.

Cameroon: One humiliation too many for Samuel Eto'o at FECAFOOT

In the face of Rigobert Song’s inability to steer the Lions Indomptables to success, whom Eto’o had chosen to lead, the FECAFOOT president finds himself under heavy criticism. After the 2023 AFCON held in Ivory Coast, President Paul Biya broke his silence to condemn the football federation president and his underperforming coach. As promised, the veteran head of state decided to intervene regarding Eto’o’s role.

“The state, in our difficult context, makes significant financial sacrifices in this regard (football). It is therefore entitled to demand better organization and results. We will ensure this,” stated Paul Biya in a national address, as reported by Africafootunited, concluding with, “The Government and particularly the Ministry responsible for sports have received clear instructions on the matter.”

Cameroon: One humiliation too many for Samuel Eto'o at FECAFOOT

This latest humiliation for Eto’o sees FECAFOOT sidelined from the process of reviving Cameroonian football, particularly in selecting a new coach. It’s a clear message to Eto’o that despite his grand entrance and apparent presidential blessing, he’s being ousted from a significant decision-making process.

On one hand, it’s a significant admission by Cameroonian leaders regarding FECAFOOT’s resounding failure. After orchestrating his resignation, which was ultimately rejected by the executive committee members, perhaps it’s time for Eto’o to gracefully step aside, permanently, to salvage what little “honor” remains. At this rate, things aren’t likely to improve anytime soon, and it remains uncertain how the CAF and FIFA will respond to numerous complaints about the Cameroonian football icon.

Source: Afrique Sports