FECAFOOT – Sports Ministry Imbroglio: Biya and Eto’o to meet at Unity Palace 0

FECAFOOT President Samuel Eto’o will be meeting with President Paul Biya in the days ahead, a source at the Presidency of the Republic has hinted.

According to the source in Yaoundé, Eto’o has been summoned to the Unity Palace following an ongoing crisis in Cameroonian football which began to intensify after the recent Africa Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast.

In April, Sports Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi appointed Marc Brys as the new coach, a decision that did not sit well with Samuel Eto’o. The FECAFOOT president refused to endorse Brys and the staff chosen by the ministry, but made a dramatic u-turn accepting Brys and imposing his own technical, medical, and administrative staff.

Unity Palace is worried that the issue which has brought shame to Cameroon might lead to FIFA jumping in to take a drastic decision.

Etoudi wants to calm things down by talking to Eto’o for him to make some compromises in the interest of the country.

The Francophone CPDM Crime Syndicate understands that as the president of the Cameroon Football Federation, Eto’o’s action may lead to a normalization committee being formed by FIFA.

The source, which elected anonymity, said that President Paul Biya who is respected by Eto’o will personally convince Eto’o to think about the nation and the new generation who are solidly behind Eto’o.

Mr. Biya, the source said, was worried that Eto’o’s appeal to the country’s youth could be a disaster for the country and his ruling party, especially as presidential elections is on the horizon.

It should be recalled that Mr. Eto’o cannot be dismissed by any authority in Cameroon because he is an elected official.

By Rita Akana in Yaoundé