Federal Republic of Ambazonia: Leader calls for unity 0

“Collaboration we need, not collaboration we want. Ultimately, we will get that which we deserve.”

1. The lives of 8 million Ambazonians are in our hands.

2. The destiny of future generations of Ambazonians is in our hands.

3. The fate of our people in the different detention centers across our land and in La République du Cameroun is in our hands.

4. The return of our people from refugee camps in America, across Africa, especially in Nigeria, Cameroun and Ghana, as well as those internally displaced within homeland is in our hands.

5. The freedom and restoration of the Independence of our nation is in our hands. We have more in common than the minor issues that challenge and divide us.

 The Restoration of our Independence and Sovereignty.

Our people are watching us; the International Community is watching us, and we are failing to conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects maturity and leadership. These qualities are needed to truly represent our people in every sphere. We are delaying attainment of our ultimate goal and deepening the suffering of our people instead of alleviating it. Are we blinded by our self-interests to their pain?

What legacy do we leave behind? Would we leave success in taking our people to our homeland or failure in not attaining Ambazonia and in everything else we are trying to prioritize?

The Journey ahead of us might still be very long. Negotiations, if and when they happen, will be very tough. Should we not focus our energies and resources on that which is important to helping us attain our Independence?


Power concedes nothing. LRC is not ready to concede anything. If we don’t stand together for that which we want; the restoration of the independence of Ambazonia, we will always be begging for a few crumbs under the LRC table. In our restoration struggle, there is no more room for spectators amongst Ambazonians. We all must be active participants. Remember that if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. Given what we now know about what we are capable of accomplishing together, evidenced by the 2020 Takumbeng & Independence Days celebrations, why then do we have the infighting? I urge all and sundry to look up to the Ambazonian flag and refrain from attacking or insulting others.

For the attention of:

HRM Fon Gorji Dinka, Pa Nfor Ngalla Nfor, Sessekou Christmas Ebini. Hon Wirba,

Dr. Fontem Neba, Dr. David Makongo, Abdul Karim Ali, Milan Atam, Milton Taka,

Chris Anu, Dr Larry Ayamba, Eric Tataw, Mark Bareta, Tapang Ivo. Tassang

Wilfred, Patrick Ndangoh, Mancho Bibixy, Penn Terence Khan, Tita Tebit, Tsi

Conrad, Pa Augustine Ndangam, Rev Andrew Ambiazeh, Elvis Kometa.

Special attention:

 Self-defense groups and our Takumbeng mothers