Federal Republic of Ambazonia: Vice President Yerima says ready to talk with other front-line leaders 0

Ambazonia Vice President Dabney Yerima has reiterated the Southern Cameroons Interim Government’s call for a consultation with other frontline leaders as the fight for independence enters a more decisive phase in Ground Zero.

Addressing the nation in a televised speech on SCBC detailing the Amba Bonds Project, Comrade Dabney Yerima renewed his invitation to other Southern Cameroons groups to send representatives to Interim Government meetings and public outings for talks.

The Ambazonia Vice President observed that he wants to closely explore the actual demands of key Southern Cameroonian groups and means to get all of the groups and their respective leadership into the Interim Government.

Dabney Yerima stressed that consultation is the only correct way to form a united front against the evil French Cameroun regime and regretted the contradictions that is coming from a group of Southern Cameroonians residing in the USA saying it only helps the French Cameroun government in Yaoundé.

The exiled Ambazonia leader noted that the challenges now facing the Southern Cameroons resistance are dangerous and that the Southern Cameroons diaspora has wasted a lot of time and what is left is not for speeches but rather for action.

Vice President Dabney Yerima informed the people of Southern Cameroons that the Governor and board of governors of the Bank of Ambazonia will make Ambazonia finances more efficient, productive and methodical.

Yerima also called on the Southern Cameroons diaspora to step up their investment in the bonds to protect the people in Ground Zero and at the same time ensure that independence is won.

By Asu Isong and Chi Prudence Asong