Fight breaks out at funeral of former National Education Minister, Joseph Mboui 0

Fighting erupted during the funeral program of the former Minister of National Education, the late Prof. Joseph Mboui. The war of words and violent exchange of punches between the wife of the deceased and her daughter occurred during the removal of the remains which was scheduled at 10 am this Thursday, March 23, 2017 at the morgue of the General Hospital in Yaoundé but  did not take place.

The bereaved family, friends and other acquaintances of the deceased Joseph Mboui who made the trip, rather lived a spectacularly incredible spectacle. The wife of the deceased who announced the funeral from today Thursday and to run through Saturday, March 25, 2017, met an opposition introduced by her own daughter.

Two camps emerged with one fully behind the girl who scheduled the funeral for next month, exactly on April 22, 2017 and the Mum’s own followers who decided that her husband shall be buried this weekend and not after. Because of this unfortunate setback, a tribute ceremony to the Honorable Joseph Mboui initially scheduled at 12:00 pm on Thursday in the National Assembly was postponed…

Joseph Mboui died in France on Monday, February 27, 2017, following an undisclosed illness at the age of 79. He will eventually be buried in Bamble, his native village about 25 kilometers from Edea in the Sanaga-Maritime Division in the Littoral Region.

By Fru James with files from Cameroun Info.Net