Forty-five percent of Americans say Trump should be impeached 0

A new poll shows nearly half the United States population believes that President Donald Trump should be impeached over his performance at the White House while the majority, 53 percent, say he should not.

The new Gallup poll released Wednesday shows that 45 percent of Americans want US Congress to take action and impeach the commander in chief.

The figure involves seven percent of Republicans, 46 percent of Independents and 81 percent of Democrats.

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The poll was released as Democrats in control of the US House of Representatives were wondering whether they should confront Trump with impeachment.

Support for impeachment, however, has exceeded former Presidents Clinton and Nixon at the during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and at the beginning of the Watergate controversy respectively, according to Gallup.

Calls for impeachment of Trump have grown among politicians in the United States in the wake of the special counsel’s final statement at the conclusion of the so-called Russia probe.

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In his last statement, the special counsel neither cleared the president nor charged him, throwing the ball into the Congress’ court.

Mueller argued that the decision not to charge Trump was made based on the Justice Department’s longstanding policy of not bringing charges against a sitting president.

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Mueller has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committee on July 17.

The Gallup poll also showed that the president is still enjoying a low favorability, fluctuating between 40% and 43% since early May.

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