Francis Ngannou shares photos of himself and Kylian Mpabbe eating ndole 0

Cameroonian and French professional mixed martial artist, Francis Zavier Ngannou has left Cameroonians, football fans and social media users buzzing after sharing some photos of himself and France national team captain, Kylian Mbappe eating Cameroonian meal together.

Sharing photos of Kylian Mbappe and himself eating the famous Cameroonian meal, Ndole, Francis Ngannou tweeted: “Enjoying the most famous Cameroonian dish Ndole with @KMbappe”

This tweet from Francis Ngannou sharing photos of himself and the France international enjoying Cameroonian dish together in Cameroon has attracted reactions from Cameroonian, football fans and social media users, as some have said this is the best pictures they have seen in a long time, while some have said the Cameroonian meal looks delicious.

Source: Opera News