Francophone blood is more superior to Anglophone blood in Cameroon 1

So, asking for a two state federation caused Mr. Biya to dispatch a team of bloodthirsty malevolent maniacs to West Cameroon to slaughter as many Southern Cameroonians, humiliated our Common law lawyers, ridiculed our much respected teachers and gained as much publicity, as possible by arresting our leaders. Minister Atanga Nji say so.

Who remembers when members of the French Cameroun army raped our children in Buea and Bamenda universities, placed our young men and women in military trucks like sardines and ran the military vehicles over many students popping them like balloons and then the CPDM regime posted on CRTV bragging of it? Federalism made them do it. Minister Fame Ndongo says so.

How about when troops loyal to the Francophone regime corralled a group of girls living in Buea and Bamenda raped a goodly proportion of them infecting some with HIV and shot a few others for fun? Federalism again. And let’s not forget the many times French speaking soldiers have killed Southern Cameroonians in Mamfe-Besongabang, Bali, Wum and have gone scot-free!! No! Two state Federation!

This isn’t us saying it. It’s Minister Laurent Esso and Minister Issa Tchiroma. They said Anglophone extremism is the biggest threat La Republique du Cameroun faces. But the Francophone cabinet ministers were only echoing their better who has headed the country for the last 34 years.

They passed a law against Hausas and Fulanis in the Far North region who have been cooperating with the Nigerian Islamic sect, Boko Haram and in some few days they will gather in Yaoundé to decide the pre-determined conclusion that the leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium are a security threat of great magnitude. The Boko Haram law will of course be applied on the Anglophone leaders.

What a sight it is in Southern Cameroons today! Peter Mafany Musonge, Atanga Nji, Philip Ngwese, Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Paul Ghogomu Minglo and Ekema Patrick have been marching somberly through blood-stained streets in Southern Cameroons, file past the many graves from the Francophone army attack and proceed to bribe Anglophone opinion leaders and parents to send their children to school.  They are announcing to the world that the horrors they have witnessed in West Cameroon were caused by the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium. And that if they don’t act now, the two state federation will cause more Southern Cameroonians to suddenly wake one morning and say to themselves, “I will kill in the name of the Consortium.”

Two State Federation and the Consortium! Is there nothing it cannot do?

Federalism and the Consortium can do anything. Well, any bad thing. Federalism cannot do good things. The only problem is, there hasn’t been any federalism for almost 56 years. Not only is actual federalism deadly, even the thought of it can cause Francophone political elites to kill.

Federalism, we’re told, is also going to cause more disintegration as the Betis too are planning to secede if a two state federal structure is accepted. It hasn’t done so yet, but it will. Actually, Francophone blood is more superior to Anglophone blood in Cameroon. Listen to the Consortium. We wish you a Happy Ghost Town come Monday and Tuesday!!

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai