“Francophone Catholic Bishops better first wake up to crimes being committed against Ambazonians” Carlson Anyangwe 0

Southern Cameroons Department of Foreign Affairs has blasts the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon over a declaration made public during the 45th plenary assembly that held in Ngaoundéré in the Adamawa Region from January 8 to 15, 2022 on the situation of human rights in Southern Cameroons saying the Francophone Roman Catholic Bishops should first pay attention to the actual crimes against humanity that were being committed against the people of Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia.

Professor Carlson Anyangwe made the remarks late on Friday in reaction to a statement devised by Bishop Emmanuel Abbo of Ngaoundéré, president of the 45th plenary assembly of the Bishops of Cameroon National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon on Radio France International (RFI).

His Lordship Bishop Emmanuel Abbo should, to begin with, wake up from his deep sleep and condemn the devastating effects of the Biya French Cameroun war on Southern Cameroonians access to their bare necessities, including medical and pharmaceutical items during the coronavirus pandemic,” Professor Carlson Anyangwe said.

On the occasion of its 45th plenary assembly held in Ngaoundéré in the Adamawa Region from January 8 to 15, 2022, the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon strongly denounced the stalemate in the numerous crises in Cameroon with particular reference to the armed struggle in Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia.

“The crisis in Anglophone Cameroon continues because there are some people who maintain it, precisely because it suits them. There are some who will do nothing to stop this crisis because for them this crisis has a certain financial and material advantage. The information we have received clearly shows that these conflicts are maintained. First of all by the actors themselves on the ground. It has become a business for the Ambazonians who commit exactions, who rob the population. It has become a way for them to get rich. The crisis is also maintained by certain authorities who do not want this war to end because it is to their advantage,” said Bishop Emmanuel Abbo of Ngaoundéré in an interview on Rfi on Sunday, January 16, 2022.

Professor Carlson Anyangwe called the claims made by Bishop Emmanuel Abbo that had based some of its contents on alleged information provided by the Biya Francophone regime in Yaounde spiteful and worthless as well as confrontational.

Anyangwe said Bishop Emmanuel Abbo’s comments had been devised based on a selective approach and denounced the Roman Catholic cleric for adding his voice in pursuance of French Cameroun political goals.

Professor Carlson Anyangwe asserted that Vice President Dabney Yerima has invariably taken steps towards expansion and enhancement of human rights throughout the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

By Isong Asu in London