Francophone doctors and teachers announces massive strike action 2

Francophone Cameroonian medical doctors and teachers have announced a decision to go on strike on the 27 of April 2017. The medical practitioners and the teachers said in a statement made public on Sunday the 12 of March that the CPDM government has failed in its promise to improve the working conditions of health and teaching officials in the country.

The doctors’ trade union also revealed that there was an urgent need for a short-term implementation of basic health insurance with universal coverage, to improve the provision of care and to enable all Cameroonians of all social strata to have equal access to health care.

The doctors are also asking the government to raise their wages, suspend the policy of assigning newly recruited doctors without pay and above all, raise the retirement age from 55 to 65.  In a similar direction, Francophone teachers have also announced their strike action on March 27. The French speaking teachers have reportedly made a sea of demands to the government.

By Sama Ernest