Francophone Government plans to use community groups to celebrate 11 February 2

Schools have been deserted, benches parked, classes grounded since November 21, 2017 but government has not given up on it fight to see school resume and subsequent celebration of 11th February this year.

The Secretary General at the South West Governor’s office, Clement Fon Ndikum has insisted that the National Youth Day celebrated every February 11 will take place in the two English speaking regions despite the present deadlock.

He made the declarations in a preparatory meeting for Youth Day held recently in Buea. During the meeting, the SG urged parents to shun fear and send their children to school so that classes can resume in the two English speaking regions.

The government is hoping to use Youth Associations and groups should students and pupils fail to show up on Youth Day. According to Clement Fon Ndikum, “Students only form part of Youth population expected to celebrate the Youth day, there are other youth groups like social groups, like bike riders, political groups that are expected to honor the event.”

To him, Youth day is not just a formality but a patriotic event. Governments scheme to see students march on Youth Day comes on the wake of a counter scheme by social media activists calling for total ghost town on 11th February.

Cameroun Info.Net