Francophone media attacks on Fru Ndi provoke backlash 0

Francophone ferocious media attack on Chairman Fru Ndi sparked equally fierce commentary from SDF militants and sympathizers. Biya reportedly ordered his Beti-Ewondo media gurus to launch a malicious attack on the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, Ni John Fru Ndi following the SDF decision to boycott the upcoming National Day celebration. The leadership of the main opposition party in La Republique du Cameroun has come under fire from pro Biya newspapers in Yaoundé who accused the Chairman of political banditry.

A few days after a communiqué from Ni John Fru Ndi called on Cameroonians not to celebrate the 45th edition of the so-called National Day, Francophone media houses serving the Yaoundé regime have published sensitive documents from the Ministry of Finance criticizing the SDF and its 76-year old leader for having received public funding amounting to 6.5 billion FCFA.

Fru Ndi’s die-hard supporters have however dismissed the allegations and opined that Biya was applying the same guerrilla tactics that his government recently condemned the Paris based international news magazine Jeune Afrique for negative reporting on Cameroon. Nevertheless, several political parties in Cameroon have benefited from the allocated sum of money by the state.

By Rita Akana

Cameroon Concord News