Francophone Meme SDO making a mockery of sacrifices Southern Cameroonians have made (Video) 0

The last five years have been really tough for English speaking Cameroonians. The Biya Francophone war, the daunting Covid-19 pandemic and the Ambazonia Interim Government “kontry Sunday” lockdowns-all these means  living under unbearable conditions and restrictions and far away from family and friends.

This is for good reason. It is five years since the Biya regime made a huge and costly mistake by thinking that all political issues must only be addressed through repression and oppression. After close to five years of fighting, Paul Biya and his Beti Ewondo gang have transformed Southern Cameroons into a massive killing field.

The Southern Cameroons communities in Meme Division in the South West Region were disproportionately affected by the Biya war, the Kontry Sundays and the Covid-19 pandemic.  So keeping safe is at the forefront of all in the city of Kumba.

But a recent outing by the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme has once again demonstrated how Biya and his French Cameroun immoral political elites see the people of British Southern Cameroons.