French Cameroun: 11-month-old baby dies of hunger with mum in custody 0

Caroline Ngum ‘s 11 -month-old baby has been buried in their family residence in Penja-Moungo division in the Littoral region of Cameroon under the watch of his heart broken mother.

Caroline Ngum, who reportedly lost her baby while on detention at the Penja police district disclosed she was denied the opportunity to breastfeed her baby by Police officers:

I received a convocation for the police district which I responded to. I was heard but told I will stay longer…I told them I am a nursing mother as my family brought the baby to feed. After that, they sent away my family. I was detained for two days and my baby did not feed within these two days. Now the baby is gone.”

Off Camera, the commissioner of the police unit said they were not informed Caroline had a baby. The aggrieved mother was called up detained following accusations of theft and breach of trust “I know I am owing my in-law F CFA 270,000 that is why they called me at the police station. I know”

Caroline has returned home to mourn her baby with no details on how the case with her in-law ended.

Source: Cameroon News Agency