French Cameroun: 7 children injured in Far North Boko Haram attack 0

Seven children were injured in a homemade bomb explosion on Friday 30 April 2021, a security source has said.

The explosion occurred in Gouma, a locality in the Makary district of the Logone-et-Chari division in the Far North.

The improvised explosive device was concealed in a bag and was detonated from a distance. Cameroon Concord News gathered that seven children were injured in Friday’s explosion.

Some of the injured were treated and others returned to their families.

The attack has not yet been claimed. But security sources suggest that Boko Haram is behind it.

The governor of the Far North region refused to comment on this latest attack.

Since 2014, the Far North region has been the scene of bloody incursions by Boko Haram fighters.

Cameroonian soldiers serving with the Joint Multinational Force stationed in Wouglo, a locality bordering Nigeria, were also attacked by Boko Haram on 22 April.

The attackers were repelled and the army reportedly suffered no casualties.

By Rita Akana