French Cameroun agents, Anglophone traitors can never feel safe anywhere in Ambazonia 0

The Vice President of the Ambazonia Interim Government has warned that all French Cameroun agents and Anglophone traitors will never feel safe anywhere in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia because restoration forces will not tolerate any schemes to undermine the independence of British Southern Cameroons.

Vice President Dabney Yerima made the remarks in a town hall meeting in Belfast city on Tuesday as he addressed Southern Cameroonians as well as a number of Anglophone Cameroon elites in the UK.

Even after Biya, the Federal Republic of Ambazonia will not allow La Republique agents and Anglophone traitors to conspire against the independence struggle of the Ambazonian nation. Our fighters in Ground Zero will make sure that there will be no safe place for anyone pursuing anti-Ambazonia plots,” Yerima told the sell-out crowd in Belfast.

The exiled Ambazonia leader highlighted that pro Yaoundé Anglophone leaders like John Fru Ndi waged several conspiracies and seditious plots against the people of Southern Cameroons using his so-called SDF party but quitted the political stage in French Cameroun with very negative ratings due to his incestuous relationship with the ruling CPDM party.

“Yaoundé wants poverty and the collapse of everything in Southern Cameroons. This is the sinister scheme that men like Atanga Nji, Victor Mengot, Paul Tasong, Philemon Yang, Peter Musonge have been chasing in Ambazonia, and they will fail” Yerima observed.

Dabney Yerima also pointed to Yaounde’s anger at the unity which now reigns among Southern Cameroons restoration groups, saying Biya regime has been employing all their political and strategic means as well as divisive and destabilizing mechanisms in order to keep Southern Cameroonians divided and underdeveloped.

By Isong Asu, London Bureau Chief Camcordnews