French Cameroun army opens fire on Ambazonian civilians in Muyenge 0

French Cameroun soldiers on Saturday, November 11, 2017 launched a military operation against Southern Cameroonians in the Muyenge locality located 150 km from Mutenguene in the Buea Province.  Cameroon Concord News sources revealed that young Ambazonians were staging a peaceful demonstration and prevented trucks transporting cocoa and coffee from accessing their village.

Informed of the situation, the Francophone governor of the so-called South West region ordered troops to the area and the situation degenerated into violence. An Ambazonian was killed and another, Anziah Louis Ebowadi, was shot in the neck. The Francophone troops opened fire forcing many of the youths to escape in to the forest.

The Yaoundé authorities have considerably strengthened the military presence in Southern Cameroons and for that reason; Ambazonians have vowed not to stop expressing their discontent.
By Fru James, CCN