French Cameroun: Boko Haram attack in Far North kills six soldiers 0

Six soldiers from the so-called 42 mechanized division were killed when a Boko Haram mine exploded early Monday April 24 2023 in the Mayo-Tsanaga Division.

The attack happened on the Bovongola-Zeleved road.

It comes two weeks after a Boko Haram assault on a military convoy in the same area that left four Cameroon government army soldiers dead.

The Islamist group is based in the Federal Republic of Nigeria but is being tackled by a multinational force, including soldiers from Cameroon.

In the latest attack, two other soldiers were wounded. Yaoundé deployed outdated military helicopters to try and track those responsible soon afterwards.

In the nation’s capital, President Paul Biya was busy celebrating 29 years of a ‘blissful’ marriage to his wife, Chantal Biya, who is noted for her flaming red hair.

By Nelly Epupa with files and additional reporting from Rita Akana and Soter Agbaw-Ebai