French Cameroun: Boko Haram escalates terror campaign in the Far North region 0

8 people lost their lives first following an explosion of an improvised device at Wulba and in a suicide attack attributed to the Nigerian Islamic sect, Boko Haram at Kossa in the Far North region of French Cameroun. The attacks took place on Sunday the 17th of September 2017 in the morning.

Five people including three civilians and two suicide bombers died in Kossa, near Mora, Mayo-Sava division in the Far North region. It was around 5am (4am GMT), during prayer time that the first girl triggered her bomb at the entrance of a concession. The second suicide bomber who took advantage of the panic created by the first detonation, set off his bomb inside the concession killing three people including one child and two women.

The two suicide bombers died in the double suicide bombing. 72 hours before, in Wulba, three Cameroonians, including a first-class soldier, Abakar Mahamat of the Joint Multinational Force(FMM), based in Mora, died after the explosion of an improvised explosive device.

Two other men, including members of vigilance committees whose mission was to alert the army and authorities during the Boko Haram intrusions, were also killed in the explosion.

By Fru James
Cameroon Concord News