French Cameroun: CPDM legislator dies in road crash 0

A newly-elected legislator died in a road mishap in Cameroon’s mountainous region of Adamawa early Wednesday, police said Thursday.

The deceased legislator named Harouna Abdoulaye Bougue belonged to Cameroon’s ruling party Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), and was elected from the Mayo-Louti constituency in the North region in this year’s legislative elections.

Another lawmaker, Ahmadou Mohamadou from the same constituency, who was driving in the same car with Bongue was injured, according to the police.

The road accident occurred along the Ngaoundere-Garoua highway. The two lawmakers were returning to their base after the June session of parliament, one of their colleagues said.

Police are still investigating circumstances that led to the tragedy but witnesses said the accident occurred when the driver tried to swerve the vehicle to avoid a heavy vehicle coming from the opposite direction and hit a road divider.

The legislator’s car toppled as an impact of the accident. He was rushed to a nearby hospital but was declared dead.

The National Assembly is yet to react officially.

Source: Xinhuanet