French Cameroun Crisis: Two injured in explosion in Douala 0

Two people have been seriously injured in an explosion that happened overnight into Thursday in Cameroon’s commercial hub of Douala, according to the police.

Witnesses say that the explosive device seemed to have been thrown from a passing motorcycle.

This is a very busy environment especially at night. Motorcycles were passing when suddenly I heard a very loud sound. It caused much panic and two people who were close to where the explosion occured were injured on the face and leg,” Cynthia Watat who witnessed the incident said.

“We have never experienced this kind of thing in Douala. We need security,” another witness Julius Malo said.

Authorities have ordered investigations into the incident and asked the inhabitants to stay calm and “go about normal activities.”

Police said the attackers “probably” used improvised explosive device that have been used in similar attacks in the capital Yaounde.

According to security reports, there have been over 10 attacks from improvised explosive devices in Yaounde since the start of the year. No deaths have been reported so far.

Source: Xinhuanet