French Cameroun: Divisional Officer sentenced to 10 years for killing partner 0

The military court in Ebolowa in the South Region has finally made public its verdict on the Franck Derlin Ebanga-Lydienne Taba affair.

Franck Derlin Ebanga, a civil administrator was accused of murdering his partner Lydienne Taba with a pistol he reportedly collected from a gendarmerie officer in his area of command four years ago.

The presiding judge sentenced him on Wednesday and issued a committal order at the hearing. He will also pay the victim’s family FCFA 45 million in damages.

This is the outcome of a case that began on the night of 24-25 July 2020. Franck Derlin Ebanga, then Divisional Officer of Loukoundje in Océan Division spent a tense evening at his home in the town of Kribi with his partner, Lydienne Taba, a student at the University of Douala. The following day, the body of the 23-year-old woman was found lifeless.

The 30-year-old chef de terre as they are known in French speaking Cameroon initially explained that it was an accidental discharge from his service weapon that killed Lydienne Taba. His version was disputed by the victim’s family.

An investigation conducted by the Gendarmerie Legion in Ebolowa led to the conviction of the accused. His new home is now the Ebolowa central prison. Solange Lydienne Taba was laid to rest on August 29, 2020 in Lobathal Mouanko, her native village in the Sanaga-Maritime Division, Littoral region.

By Rita Akana with files