French Cameroun: Eneo to cut electricity supply to the University of Douala over non-payment concerns 0

Cameroon’s power utility threatened to take retaliatory steps against the University of Douala, citing payment concerns. Eneo said it would suspend electricity supply to the university if it does not repay the CFA1.7 billion in unpaid bills it owes.

“Errors and omissions exempted, the review of your accounts in our books to date reveals that you still owe us CFA1,760,818,212, excluding interest on arrears,” the company wrote as a “formal notice to pay before suspending the supply of electricity.”

This situation highlights the issue of unpaid bills within public administrations. As a reminder, the government has begun to implement a plan to repay a total of CFA182 billion of debt to Eneo from December 2021.

Source: Business in Cameroon