French Cameroun: France helps strengthen fire department 0

The Cameroonian government has obtained a €50 million (about CFA32.8 billion) loan from France to strengthen its fire department. Per the related deal signed yesterday, the terms of which remain undisclosed, the beneficiary will receive 227 new fire and rescue vehicles over the next few years.

Alamine Ousmane Mey, the Cameroonian Minister of the Economy, revealed that the equipment will be supplied by French manufacturer Desautel, which specializes in the supply of civil security equipment. In addition, France will also provide staff training and help in the construction of a maintenance unit for the equipment. This is good news for local firefighters, who will benefit from improved working conditions and better response equipment. Minister Mey explained that of the 37 fire department centers in the country, 15 are not operational, lacking equipment and qualified personnel.

“The project aimed at acquiring equipment for the national fire department will undoubtedly bring Cameroon a high-performance risk management system. This advanced system is designed to effectively tackle the continuously evolving challenges, particularly those associated with risk prevention and the protection of individuals and assets against accidents, disasters, and catastrophes,” said Alamine Ousmane Mey.

Source: Business in Cameroon