French Cameroun had 58 years for unity with Ambazonia, but opted to make costly mistakes 0

The Ambazonia Interim Government says Biya and his French Cameroun political elites had more than four decades to initiate their so-called one and indivisible concept with the people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, but successive French Cameroun regimes failed to take advantage and instead directed Biya to make the worst of mistakes in declaring war against Southern Cameroonians.  

Vice President Dabney Yerima made the remarks on Wednesday in response to recent report on French Cameroun media houses blaming the killing of a woman in Muyuka in the Fako County on Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

The exiled Southern Cameroons leader said Ambazonia Intelligence Services have evidence that Atanga Nji Boys with strong ties to the family of the Muyuka woman’s husband carried out the killing.

The Ambazonian official also dismissed French Cameroun’s claims as a mere ploy to divert attention from the brutal murder of Engineer Tangem Thomas in the Yaoundé Central Hospital adding that Biya and French Cameroun will not achieve their military goals in Southern Cameroons.

Both Ahmadou Ahidjo and Paul Biya had more than  four decades to initiate a policy that would have guaranteed unity by choosing the right and legal path  agreed in Foumban in 1961. Not only they failed to do so, but Biya also made the worst mistakes of French Cameroun in decades to declare war against the people of Southern Cameroons” Yerima told the Ambazonia war cabinet on Tuesday.

Elsewhere, the Communication  and Media Chairman  for the defense  team  of President  Sisiku Ayuk  Tabe  and  other  Southern Cameroonian detainees has appointed Barrister Pekum  Emmanuel as their Special  envoy to Nkambe to represent  the Interim Government on the occasion  of the burial of Nganyu Thomas  Tangem martyred in French Cameroun on August  05, 2020.

Barrister Pekum Emmanuel is bearer of a sealed message  from President Sisiku   Ayuk Tabe to the people of Nkambe and to the family of the late Thomas Tangem, the emblematic   martyr  of the struggle  for the restoration  of  the independence  of the  statehood  of the former British  trust  territory- the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

By Chi Prudence Asong