French Cameroun heading towards a major political crisis in parliament 0

La Republique du Cameroun is heading towards a major political crisis in parliament. The 18 MPs and 14 senators of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), have issued a statement in which they denounced in 8 points, the socio-political situation in Southern Cameroons.

The SDF parliamentary groups in the Senate and the National Assembly slammed among other things, excessive human rights abuses, mass killings, jailing of Southern Cameroonians in French Cameroun detention centres and the plight of Southern Cameroons refugess in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The predominantly Anglophone parliamentarians say Southern Cameroonians are considered by the Biya Francophone government to be “terrorists” and the regime is killing them in their numbers. The SDF elected representatives have also pointed out that instead of an inclusive, frank and sincere dialogue, the Yaounde government has been applying the use of force to a purely political problem.

Consequently, the SDF has suspended its participation in the current session, the 4th of its kind since the outbreak of the Southern Cameroons crisis in November 2016. A member of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate who spoke to our Yaounde city reporter immediately after the SDF decision was made public condemned the SDF MPs for receiving their bonus before launching their strike action.

By Rita Akana in Yaounde