French Cameroun: Huge fire engulfs Etoudi market 0

Some ten shops have been destroyed by wild fire at the Etoudi market in Yaoundé. The flames that erupted in the early hours of Tuesday the 18th of April 2017 were believed to have come from a poor electrical connection in the market.

Soldiers of the National Fire Brigade at Etoudi intervened and later received support from the Mimboman Fire Brigade to effectively contain the fire that engulfed a portion of the busy market.

No human lives were lost in the incident but millions of CFA francs of investments were reduced to nothing. The fire reportedly consumed mobile phone shops and some restaurants. Travel agencies situated behind the electronic section of the market also suffered some damages.

Traders were wailing in consternation as they helplessly watched their livelihood crushed away in huge fumes of dark smoke. The Etoudi market is located barely a few kilometer from the State House. It is currently under construction though parts of the uncompleted structures have already been occupied by traders.

Source: CRTV