French Cameroun: Land dispute leaves two dead, four injured 0

At least two people have been killed and four others seriously injured Tuesday following a dispute over land in Cameroon’s Far North region, a government official said.

Jean Lazare Ndongo Ndongo, prefect of Logone-et-Chari division of the region, said that the feud flared early Tuesday in Makary subdivision after villagers of two rival communities paid a visit to the disputed parcel of land. A traditional leader and a notable were killed and scores of houses were set ablaze, he told local media.

“The situation is now under control. Culprits will be punished,” Ndongo said, adding that government forces have been dispatched to the area to restore peace and order.

Authorities have asked the villagers to desist from using force to settle disputes in the subdivision where militants of terror group Boko Haram are reported to be active.

Source: Xinhuanet