French Cameroun Military Operation: Biya has by this misadventure put a pistol on his own head 0

The military operation ordered by Paul Biya is an escalation of the genocide campaign that has been ongoing since French Cameroun invaded Southern Cameroon fifty six years ago and commenced a military campaign of terror and genocide that has claimed millions of Southern Cameroon lives and devastated the economy and way of life of the people.

With the public declaration of the escalation of the genocide campaign, targeting all Southern Cameroonians, Ambazonians must now declare the right to self defense and declare that any French Cameroon soldier, administrator or whosoever aids in its war effort or administration to vacate the Southern Cameroon.  The Federal Republic of Amabazonia will protect all civilians and civilian targets and abide by the laws and customs of war in prosecuting this war of self defense.

French Cameroun soldiers who lay down their arms and refuse to kill Southern Cameroonians will not be hurt so also their families.  Those who kill Southern Cameroonians or obey the criminal orders of Paul Biya will be hit even in their own territory and homes. They will have nowhere to hide. Ambazonia will win this last limp of the fifty six years war against its people.

No soldier of fortune of French Cameroun deployed to commit genocide, rape, maim and loot will return alive. With international law and justice on the side of Ambazonia, the enemy will soon learn the hard reality of history which the reckless ambitions of Adolf Hitler Paul Biya have brought unto the free world.

Like his mentors Hitler, Biya has by this misadventure put a pistol on his own head and that of his country French Cameroun.  Ambazonia by the end of this campaign will prevail by totally liberating itself while helping Biya to terminate his satanic misadventure.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai