French Cameroun Minister of Defence informs ASSEMBLÉE NATIONALE on deployment of military forces in Ambazonia 0

French Cameroun Minister of State in charge of Defense, Beti Assomo has told the Francophone dominated National Assembly in Yaoundé that the people of French Cameroun will soon be seeing a massive deployment of troops to Southern Cameroons.  Beti Assomo made the declaration yesterday, Monday the 4th of December 2017 during a presentation in front of the members of the Finance and Budget Committee.

“You will soon see with your eyes, how our military will be set up to occupy the Anglophone regions of the country” noted Minister Beti Assomo to MPs who had actually gathered in the Chamber to discuss and adopt the draft law on the ratification of the Air Transport Agreement between Cameroon and Saudi Arabia and the draft on the ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty.

On this occasion, Joseph Beti Assomo (to use his three names) informed the so-called French Cameroun elected representatives that on very high instruction from the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, he will soon deployed French Cameroun Special Forces to the English-speaking regions.

The French Cameroun army however began an operation deep inside the Southern Cameroons territory on Monday that has claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians including women and children. In the village of Kembong last week, French Cameroun troops broke into homes, arrested dozens of Ambazonians. The soldiers also confiscated huge sums of money on lame and ridiculous reasons that the Anglophone citizens were financing the Southern Cameroons struggle.

Cameroon Concord News sources in the Manyu State hinted that many Southern Cameroonians have been transported to Yaoundé and detained in deplorable centers.  French Cameroun media houses reported that the plenary session of the National Assembly that lasted several hours, is the first that was held in serenity due to the absence Anglophone parliamentarians from the SDF.

By Sama Ernest