French Cameroun: Paul Atanga Nji to oversee the genocide in Southern Cameroons 0

Cameroon Concord News holds the considered opinion that the appointment of Paul Atanga Nji by the ailing and demented demonic dictator Paul Biya of neighbouring French Cameroun as his Minister of territorial administration is one step further in fine-tuning his genocidal war strategy against Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.  The appointment of Atanga Nji is aimed at maximizing the ongoing extermination of the Southern Cameroons ’civilian population. Cameroon Concord News can confidently state that Paul Biya by the appointment intended to send mixed signals and to confuse and confound.

He intended to deflate criticisms that he has never appointed Southern Cameroonians to a key ministry of state sovereignty. With that, he hoped to hoodwink slave status Southern Cameroonians at the marginal fringes of the CPDM crime syndicate to believe that at long last he has rehabilitated his colonized Southern Cameroons slaves who have been agitating and clamouring for rehabilitation, recognition and a place on the master’s table.

In the coming days, motions of support will be sent by paid agents and collaborators from supposed Fons, Chiefs and elites from the Northern Zone and South West Zones of Ambazonia. So-called elite associations will join in praising and calling on the 86 years old demented Paul Biya to decree unto himself eternal life and eternal presidency.   Cameroon Concord News Group invites these categories of slave status worshippers to be extremely cautious of the harm their gullibility may bring to the endangered people of the Southern Cameroons and themselves.  Atanga Nji’s mission is to oversee the genocide machinery of death that has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Ambazonia civilians.  Any one cheering his appointment and sending motions of support to the murderer Paul Biya is cheering the genocide which he is appointed to oversee its implementation.

Paul Biya removed Rene Sadi who has until now overseen the genocide of Ambazonia, the abduction of the President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and members of the interim government in Abuja Nigeria and the terrorization of Southern Cameroon and replaced him with the traitor Atanga Nji his Secretary of his National Security Council.   Paul Biya intended to distance one of his potential heirs apparent from these crimes from near Paul Biya and place the responsibility for the crimes on Atanga Nji.  Paul Biya will command the execution of the crimes through the remote control of Rene Sadi who by him, will through Paul Atanga Nji coordinate the genocide and crimes against humanity.  The criminal responsibility will fully fall on a ruthless, robot and nitwit Atanga Nji. Any Ambazonian celebrating this appointment and the appointment of other Southern Cameroonians into the government of an alien enemy and country that is slaughtering armless civilians, torching civilian settlements, raping students and women, looting our economy and terrorizing the citizenry, qualifies to be an enemy of the Ambazonia people.  

Cameroon Concord News reminds Ambazonians that the network of terror which French Cameroun used to oversee the colonization of the Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia over the past fifty-six years was placed under the superintendence of the Minister of territorial administration. The Minister of territorial administration oversees elections rigging, enforcement of curfews and states of emergency, abduction and disappearance of persons and enforces all repressive legislation.  Paul Atanga Nji like Nalova Lyonga supervised or ordered the massacre of civilians and students.  Their appointment is a reward for the murder of innocent persons which will haunt their consciences for ever if at all their consciences are alive.  The appointments have a higher purpose of rewarding murder, treachery and criminality.  In effect, it is a reward for impunity.

Paul Atanga Nji, has always occupied a place of honour in Paul Biya’s crime laboratory. He was always his cherished hitman. He is an old hand in the job which he is appointed to do in Paul Biya’s crime syndicate. He operated from the shadows and was a key player in the abduction of the President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia in Nigeria, members of his interim government as well as the abduction of Captain Guerandi Mbaya a former French Cameroun army captain who along with Isa Tchiroma and others took part in a failed coup in French Cameroun.

Paul Atanga Nji also has a mandate of a political nature. He is to make sure that elections that have been banned in the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia take place on the blood of hundreds of thousands. He has a mandate to make sure that divisional officers use every available force at their disposal to make sure the supposed opposition candidates are prevented from holding campaign meetings. They must make sure the elections are rigged in favour of Paul Biya and the CPDM crime syndicate.  The appointment of a man from the crime underground to oversee a genocide and the rigging machinery makes the months ahead potentially dangerous.   Cameroon Concord News calls on citizens of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia to reject these appointments and to concentrate on contributing to the interim government to to expel the enemy from our territory. 

Cameroon Concord News recalls the crimes that French Cameroun has committed against us for the past fifty-six years supervised by its so-called Minister of territorial administration. It is the Minister of territorial administration of French Cameroun who directly administered the Southern Cameroons from when it was annexed and renamed West Cameroon through a Federal Inspector of Administration, criminally disregarding our Prime Minister and our state institutions. The so-called Federal Inspector of Administration oversaw the effective annexation and dismantling of the Southern Cameroons state institutions through a reign of terror, abductions, disappearances, corruption, and engineered treachery by some of our own leaders.  French Cameroun relies on French Cameroun divisional officers under the control of the Minister of territorial administration to terrorize the colonized territory of the Southern Cameroons and supervise the looting and pillage of its natural resources for the benefit of French Cameroun France colonial master and the crime syndicate in power in the French vassal state.

Cameroon Concord News Group identifies the following among many  instruments of state terror that Paul Atanga Nji like his French Cameroun’s counterparts will use to humiliate Southern Cameroonians: The institution of a permanent state of emergency in the territory of Ambazonia; press censorship, calle calle, rape, torture, cultural genocide, humiliation, land grab, murder, corruption, spying, assimilation, and destruction of all symbols of Southern Cameroons national and cultural identity.  

Cameroon Concord News Group holds the opinion that at this moment when the Southern Cameroons revolution and resistance to the reign of terror has forced the colonial strangulation of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia to be collapsing on its own weight, all citizens of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia must stand resolutely behind the interim government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia to free our land from external aggression and genocide, and our President, members of the interim government and all Ambazonians under colonial detention.   Only fools cheer their own genocide.  As our ongoing revolution signifies, Ambazonians are not fools and will not cheer the death machinery put in place by French Cameroun and its criminal appointees or even condone them.  Cameroon Concord News therefore strongly holds that cheering the appointments of renegades, traitors and enemy collaborators to support the enemy genocide war effort against our own people and our territory must be considered an act of treachery and thus banned from the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

To this I put my name

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai