French Cameroun: SDO of Upper Plateau dies under mysterious circumstances 0

Bilonougou Felix the senior divisional officer for Upper Plateau Division in the West region is no more! The civil administrator passed away on Sunday night amid political tension in the region.

Awa Fonka Augustine, the governor of the West Region, confirmed the prefect’s death in a press release in which he stated that, “The Governor of the West region announces with regrets the death of the Prefect of the Upper Plateau Division; he died on Sunday, January 13, 2019 in Bafoussam.”

A lot of tongues have been waging ever since Governor Awa Fonka made public the news of the prefect’s demise. The governor’s press release did not provide any details of what killed the prefect who reportedly died near his command post. What we do know is that the prefect’s body has been kept in a private mortuary in Bafoussam, the chief city in the West region.

By Rita Akana