French Cameroun soldiers have killed close to 2000 in Southern Cameroons 0

At least 1,850 Southern Cameroonians have been killed and 530,000 internally displaced and tens of thousands of refugees registered in the past 20 months as a result of the war in Southern Cameroons, Brussels-based International Crisis Group has revealed.

In its latest report published on Thursday May 2, the International Crisis Group pointed out that there is no dialogue between the government of Cameroon and the separatists, who are both refusing to give ground: the government is counting on a military victory and refuses to discuss the form of the state; the separatists demand independence.

The intransigence of the belligerents threatens to generate further violence and prolong the conflict, which neither can win in the short term, the Crisis Group added.

The group has thus called on Cameroonians and other international actors to encourage both sides in the conflict to make concessions and sanction those who will stand in the way of dialogue.

Source: Journal du Cameroun