French Cameroun: Three Wounded In Boko Haram Attack 0

Suspected Boko Haram terrorists attacked Amchide and Kolofata in Cameroon during the early hours of Saturday, leaving three persons wounded.

Two of those wounded were shot, while the third person suffered a machete attack. Sources say they also made away with kitchen utensils, clothes, and three telephones, amongst other items in the Yaboga neighbourhood.

This is the third attack within two weeks in the locality. On March 21, at least one member of the Cameroonian forces died, and several others got injured in a landmine explosion between Amchide and Kolofata. Another attack occurred on March 18.

Since Boko Haram entered  Cameroon in 2011, it only started attacks in March 2014. The attacks had prompted President Paul Biya to join other neighbouring Presidents at a May 2014 Paris Summit to say, “We are here to declare war on Boko Haram.” Out of all border villages, Kolofata has remained one of the most hit.

Boko Haram has been trying hard to build an Islamic State in Northeast Nigeria. They easily extended attacks to the Far North of Cameroon in 2014, made easy by the region’s proximity to Nigeria.

With rising attacks this year in the Far North, other regional divisional officers are making dispositions to protect their communities from attacks.

Authorities in the Logone and Chari divisions have raised alerts on a possible infiltration of insurgents in their community. The Divisional Officer, Fombele Mathias, issued a letter to all subordinates, urging them to instantly hold sensitisation meetings, rebuild vigilante groups, engage the population and collaborate with church and traditional authorities.

Crisis Group says the Boko Haram crisis in Cameroon has caused over 1500 deaths, 155,000 displaced persons, and 73,000 refugees.

Source: Humanglemedia