French Cameroun: Tribal tensions spill onto the streets of Sangmelima 0

The tribal tensions which have been high for years in Cameroon have begun spilling out in Sangmelima, the economic capital of the South Region which is the region of the country’s president, Paul Biya.

It is being reported that a native of the West region murdered a native of Sangmelima and the locals have decided to take the law into their hands, sowing chaos and destroying anything in their path.

Shops and other businesses owned by the Bamilekes of the West Region are being ransacked and non natives are being asked to leave the region.

Recent reports hold that the government has sent troops to clean up the mess but a lot of damage has already been done with hundreds wounded, especially young men who want to protect their businesses.

Since coming to power in 1982, the Biya government has been using divide and rule tactics to keep a stranglehold on Cameroonians and this has resulted in identity politics.

By Rita Akana

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