French court sentenced African Football legend Claude Le Roy to 2 years in prison 1

In what has been described as a major blow to the Togolese national football team on their way to qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nation, Gabon 2017, a French court has sentenced Claude Le Roy to two years in prison including an 18 months ban from all football activities this Friday June 17, 2016. Cameroon Intelligence Report learned that Le Roy was jailed following his involvement in some fraudulent transfer deals when he managed Racing Club of Strasbourg between 1998 and 2003.

The former Cameroon and Congo Kinshasa football trainer has been quoted as saying he was not aware of any illegality on the said transfers. Our senior football correspondent who contributed to this report observed that if the sentence by the court is confirmed, it could upset the contract Claude Le Roy has with the Togolese national team. CIR sports desk is keeping a watchful eye on this developing story and we will keep our readers posted.

Ebong Kingsley (CIR)