French embassy in Yaoundé is a base conspiring against the Cameroonian nation 0

Cameroon Intelligence Report Yaoundé bureau chief has hinted that ever since the coup in Gabon, the French government has turned its embassy building in the nation’s capital into a military command center conspiring against the Cameroonian people.

Rita Akana, made the revelation in a report on Friday, emphasizing that the French embassy compound in Yaoundé is now serving as a major base where French military and security operations against the people of Cameroon and some CEMAC countries are being planned.

Our Yaoundé bureau chief stated in the report that the French embassy started acting as a den of espionage immediately after the 91-year President Biya declared war against English speaking Cameroonians but some Cameroon politicians including members of the Francophone dominated secret service prefer to overlook the matter for the sake of their positions.

Cameroon Intelligence Report reportedly raised the issue with the disgraced spy chief Maxime Eko Eko who simply opined that the French embassy building in Yaoundé is a diplomatic installation and must be protected under international law.

Cameroon Intelligence Report understands that these Biya acolytes tend to condone the French spying machine which is seriously detrimental to the country in order to maintain their posts.

By Toto Roland Motuba with Intel files