Fru Ndi meets General Pierre Semengue during a football encounter in Bamenda 0

Yosa-vs-Astres29General Pierre Semengue of the Cameroon army was seen hand-in-gloves with Ni John Fru Ndi, the charismatic leader of the largest opposition party recently during a football encounter in Bamenda. The match between Yong Sports Academy and Astres of Douala was a top game of the 21st day of the National League 1 football championship.

The sitting positions of the two men caused some sensation from the crowd and General Semengue reportedly observed that: “I do not understand why people are surprised. I know Mr. President (John Fru Ndi,) for a long time now. We know each other well. So I have no problem being in his company. He is still the leader of a major political party, and I am in Bamenda for football. Football knows no political party”. Semengue kept Fru Ndi under house arrest during the ghost town operations in the 90s.

Rita Akana