Fru Ndi says Prime Minister Philemon Yang is making a mockery of himself 2

The Chairman of the Social Democratic Front has made public an assessment of Prime Minister Philemon Yang’s tour of the North West Region plagued by the Anglophone uprising. Fru Ndi told reporters that it is not with force that the Biya Francophone government would convince parents to send their children to school.

On the instruction of the President of the Republic, Prime Minister Philemon Yang traveled to the North West for a soothing tour. Since last Monday, the Head of the Government visited all the seven administrative constituencies that make up the Bamenda province of Southern Cameroons. Ni John Fru Ndi, said that the PM’s mission so far was not a success.

“I learned that the Prime Minister was in the city of Bamenda. He did not invite me and the observation that emerges is that the schools have not resumed! And it is not with force that teachers and students will return to the classrooms. The Prime Minister only ridiculed himself. He knows the problem and he just has to be truthful with the parents. They expected the head of the government to come and talk to them and ask for what they wanted. He did not do it. He came to say what Biya wanted Anglophones to do, to invite the parents and pupils to resume classes. This is not the way to go. The Government must engage in frank dialogue. I must say that Mr. Biya knows the problem of teachers and lawyers, “said Ni John Fru Ndi the leader of the SDF.

Cameroon Intelligence Report